What is the BF best practice regarding file downloads

One large functional aspect of our application is the ability to download reports (invoices, content reports, production reports, …). I’ve been developing around this, but need to start working on the mechanisms to handle this functionality.

These reports will be accessed via the BF interface. What is BetterForms best practice regarding these reports? The vast majority will be PDF documents, but there will be some that are Excel or text files.

Typical use would be a user logging in, selecting the options, and FM building a temporary PDF file that the user would then be able to download.

The only other suggestion I found on the BF forum was creating an open fileshare on the FM server.
That’s not an option as the majority of the reports are quite sensitive.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!


This is indeed a tricky one as each use case is very different.

Now that we have FMS V19, you can use the Execute DAPI script step to get a downloadable link to a container. Your FMS must be web accessible. The link persists for 15 mins also.

We’ve been working on downloads and are trying out the following technique - interested in any thoughts/improvements: