Accessing Table2 Methods

Looking to dynamically change perPage values for a table2 element. There is a method described in the documentation which will do this but it is accessed vie the ref attribute and I am not sure how to access this as both window.formGen.$refs and vueapp.$refs are empty.

Few things: for adding table2 callbacks functions to table2 attributes, you can see the example ‘Example - table2 - Custom Filters’

For calling table2 methods
You can call an internal table2 / BF method via the by Emitting an event to
table2_{schema,} and passing a callback function
the callback will return with the reference object as its argument.

An easier way that I would try is to destroy the table and recreate it when the perPage value changes, and have something like "perPage_calc " : "model.perPageValue" in your schema,

The visible key will completely remove the table so toggleing that will do it.