Add 3rd party module for Typeahead

I’m trying to use vue-bootstrap-typeahead ( on a form and I’m having trouble getting it to show up. I’ve added the CDN links to my site’s DOM Instruction Header and then tried to use the basic example from github but it won’t appear on the page. Here’s the example I’m trying to load:

  :data="['Canada', 'USA', 'Mexico']"

I’ve compared the requirements for the plugin to the requirements for V-Calendar from and it seems like it should work. Are there additional steps I need to take in order for this component to work?

A few things off the top,
It’s actually pretty easy to build a type ahead for an imput field from scratch. Basically when the field changes you need to debounce the changes ( so they haven slowly) and then call FMS, and return the results.

If you would like to book a call, we can build one up, and record for a future video.

Assuming the component is installed correctly, the v-model needs to be bound to model.query not just query

Have you looked at using the multiselect for this?
It can also run a hook to fetch data too!


I would like to try and demo one together at some point, but not sure the best way to schedule that. I had tried setting up a demo through the website last week but it never sent the Zoom link and I didn’t have a chance to follow up on that.