Always show child-row on table2 and hide chevron

Is it possible to always show the child-row when using table2 and not show the chevron? I want to have this alternating data but not have the user need show/hide it:

It sounds like you just want to add a single slot and style up the whole contents in that.

Basically a single slot for the whole display.

I think another thing you can explore is the id that is used to identify the row. If you use the same one for all rows, they will all open up ( I think )


and to hide the toggler you can set the showChildRowToggler option as found here:

You may also have to programatically open the row too.
If this is the right path, we can help your further


To get that display, I find that it is so much easier to build a “virtual table” in FileMaker. A virtual table is just a normal table in FM with all global fields. When Form Load, I have a script to read the data from the original table and populate the virtual table. In BF , I load this virtual table (instead of the original table). When I populate the virtual table, I am free to populate it anyway I want. I can add heading, subtotal and so on. Here is one example. image

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That’s the nice thing about FM, it’s pretty easy to build objects and arrays to your liking. Thanks for sharing.