App vs appstaging - I need a little help

Hi - this feels like a really dumb question, but here goes anyway!

The problem may be simply that because I am working for a college, I did not set-up the app we are working on, so I may have missed something in the initial set-up.

The question: - is there documentation on appstaging vs app - how does this work in BetterForms?

I have 3 URLs for BetterForms where I can login:

So: I don’t really have a problem its’ more a confusion, on my part, as to what is the difference between and and if I am doing something wrong? Or should I just not worry about ? is a public beta version of the editor and is the stable version.

Thank you.
Guess I’m having “issues” with the Beta :wink:
I’ll stick to Stable for now :slight_smile:

using Safari - on MacOS 12.2 on an M1 Mac - works fine with appstaging it seems like the problems happen when I use Chrome

Thank you for that information Ben.

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