Bad error message on verify email (when token is invalid)


Hmm, that seems like a different error, a few things so we can track it down:

Was this with the DataAPI?
It looks like a deeper error thats been passed up …


I thought you just fixed it immediately because now that same url gives this error:

User not found

Which works for me.

I was just able to re-produce this:

  1. Create new account
  2. Copy verification link and paste into a browser, delete the last character before submitting
  3. You will get this error message and the verifyToken, verifyShortToken, and verifyExpires fields will be empty and isVerified is still 0.

Turns out this is an extreme edge-case and is not likely to occur in real life. I found it by trying to test with an invalid token.

We have noted this and will investigate further when we return to more front end development.