Best way to use action_onRowClick to go to URL attribute from data model?

I am attempting to redirect a user to an fmp:// url embedded as an attribute in my data model and am wondering the correct technique to accomplish this. I have looked at the Working with Vue.js and HTML video and although it does cover some useful stuff for Vue.js it appears to only be relevant for HTML-based code snippets.

This code works to go to the url in the options key however I have no idea how I would bind the data from the current row to the parameter as anything I type turns literal? (eg. this.urlParameter returns “this.urlParameter”). To be fair this is probably more of a JavaScript question than a BetterForms question but I figured I’d ask here.

        "actions_onRowClick": [{
            "action": "path",
            "options": {
                "url": "myUrlHere"

Any JSON key in BetterForms can be converted into a JavaScript calculation by adding _calc. So in your case, you could do something like this
"url_calc": "'fmp://' + model.myFmServer"
Just remember to use + for combining instead of & like FM, and watch out for mixing double and single quote characters