$$bf_model not propagating to client side

New to betterforms. Trying to add a second page to my first dev app. I used the betterforms helper file to generate a second scoped hookset (with a unique name) and configured the second page to use that name. When I load the page in preview, I can see the call to formsService.onFormRequest in the inbox, but any changes I make to the $$bf_model via Filemaker script don’t seem to propagate to the client side. Not really sure what I’m missing.

Are there any errors in the outbound of that onFormRequest inbox record?

There is this error:
@Betterforms - App - Receiver and Dispatch - app - error calling Developer HookSet for either : ‘’ or ‘’ - 104

So this is typical when the dispatcher script can’t find the folder of hooks. This could be an incorrect name.

You can check by comparing the name in the inbox to the folder name.

They do appear to match.

I believe there was a bug in the new helper file that caused a mismatch in hookset folders. If I’m correct, there should be a script in your BF - home folder called BF - HookSet Dispatch - home.

If that is the case, you can duplicate the BF - HookSet Dispatch - home script and rename it to BF - HookSet Dispatch - LocationDetails. Inside of this script, you can change lines 24 and 30 to go to your LocationDetails onFormRequest and onUtility respectively.

Let me know if this resolves your issue!

Thank you! That was the issue.