Trying to show a modal and then redirect to a form from an FM script.

I tried:
Set Variable $$BF_Actions to BF_SetAction_showModal ({
“hideCloseButton”: true,
“blocking”: true,
“body”: “Successfully re-assigned @@@ addresses!”,
“buttons”: [],
“icon”: “success”,
“overlayTheme”: “dark”,
“slots”: [
“actions”: [

      "action": "hideModal"
      "action": "path",
      "options": [
          "path": "/scu1"
  "component": "button",
  "slot": "button",
  "styleClasses": "btn btn-success",
  "text": "Okay"


The Modal shows but it doesn redirect.

I also tried adding a line after that:
Set Variable $$BF_Actions to
BF_SetAction_Path (“/form/FR-xxxxxxxxxx”;“”)

Seem to also be ignored.

Anyone know what syntax works?