Cache problem or something else?

Last night , I changed the calculation in one the field in FM. However, in BF, it is still displaying the old value ( based on the old calculation). I did refresh again and again to no avail . I even cleared all the cache in my Chrome browser. After 2 hours of trying , I gave up and went to sleep. This morning, I check the BF , it is now showing the correct value (based on the new calculation). This is very worrying. I am using the latest version of BF. TQ

BetterForms does use a cache that serves site and form schema.
When you make a save, the cache for all your organizations sites is cleared.

If you are looking at a page under a different domain, that cache will not clear.

There are some other internal events that can cause the cache to refresh also.

This can be tricky, but it is an optimization that improves page performance across the system.

Be sure you are looking at the page under the correct domain.