Can a table display information from the app model?

Is there a way to output an array from the app model as a data table?

Hmm have your tested in an HTML slot?


Well a slot would get the data into a cell, but I want the whole table based on data in app.

I tried adding a function in onFormLoad: model.classes = app.classes;, so I could reference the data in model.

But it’s not working and I think it’s because it runs before the previous action (utility hook) completes.

Then call it after the utility hook…

This is what I have:

"onFormLoad": [{
        "action": "runUtilityHook",
        "options": {
            "type": "onFormLoad"
    }, {
        "action": "function",
        "function": "model.classes = app.classes;",
        "options": {}

Should the utility hook complete before the function runs? The docs say “Some actions block the executing of the next action until they are complete.”, so I figured the utility hook was not blocking. After the form loads, the app model has a key called classes but the data model does not.

Yeah, it works if I put the function on a button, so pretty sure it’s just running too soon.

But I’m being kind of lazy as this info would be better displayed in custom html anyway, so I’m going to work on that.

Utility hook block by default, there are some that do not but generally most do.

You can actually control this behaviour for edge cases where you do not need to post process the results of the hook too!

I miss read the OP request, no, there is currentlyemphasized text**
There is no way to auto-bind a table’s data to the app model. ( not even via a calc )

We are looking at this as a feature though as new BF design patterns emerge.