Can't change BetterForms Version (or it keeps reverting)

I believe this issue is related to these bug reports:

Keeping that in mind, when I first deployed a particular domain, it was given the wrong version so I changed it, waited a while for the change to take effect and confirmed the version changed at Then a while later (weeks, or months even) an issue was reported with this domain and when I reviewed it I found it was on the wrong version, so I changed it again… I think I’m on my 3rd or 4th time changing the version, but it appears to keep reverting to bf-staging at some unknown point in time.

This happened again recently, only this time the domain also moved to a different environment.

Hey Dan,
Could you send a video.

No, I cannot; there’s nothing to show in a video since the version changes on it’s own after weeks, or months, even. If this issue isn’t clear, perhaps we could chat about it to clarify? Or perhaps you could ask a question to help narrow down where the misunderstanding is taking place?

To clarify, there are now two (possibly related) issues I’ve mentioned in this thread:

  1. I want to use bf-latest, but some domains keep reverting on their own to bf-staging after weeks or months of running bf-latest.
  2. For the first time I’ve ever noticed, one domain was recently moved (not by me) from a production environment to a development environment.

In discussing this with Charles, the environment changing issue was a one-off explainable mistake, so that only leaves the originally reported issue (#1 in my last comment).