Chrome vs Safari - Google Maps Click function issue

in Safari, I have a map that loads markers as expected. When clicking the marker, a BF.namedAction is fired, and completes as expected (loading a card modal of the map pin that was clicked upon).
in Chrome, however, exact same page (and build number), an error is thrown in the console that says that BF.namedAction is not a function and fails to execute.
Turns out it looks like it’s a function of the version of BF that the site is under. - New question:::
when you click on one pin on the map, name 1 shows in a card modal as expected. when you click a second pin, name 2 will show. when you add a third pin, OR revisit pin 1, Name 2 will stay in memory and continue to get called by the namedAction. is there a way to force that ID out of memory so the listener is always looking for a fresh pin?

Correct BF.namedAction ( the js version of the action ) is a new feature and not avail in the latest build.

Some vars can be reused in actions, so you want to explicitly set them as you need and use them.

and then how would you “kill” a variable to reset the map for a new listener?

Set it to what ever value you want.