Cleave Option Unable to Format


When trying to use the cleave option to format a date field, it is unable to format it using Month first. Here is my code regarding my date field:

“cleaveOptions”: {
“cleaveOptions”: {
“datePattern”: “[‘m’, ‘d’, ‘Y’]”
“date”: true,
“delimiters”: ["/", “/”]
“inputType”: “text”,
“label”: “Date of Birth”,
“model”: “dateOfBirth”,
“placeholder”: “MM/DD/YYYY”,
“required”: true,
“styleClasses”: “col-md-5 col-md-offset-3”,
“type”: “cleave”,
“validator”: “date”

You can see my date pattern has month placed first but I am still having trouble getting month to format correctly. If I type 20 in the field, it is allowed and shows “20/”. However, if I type 20 after the “20/” then it rejects it and shows “20/02/0”.

It looks like there was some incorrect schema in the example, I have updated the first example to the followingL

                "cleaveOptions": {
                    "datePattern": [ "m", "d","Y"],
                "date": true,
                "numericOnly": true,
                "delimiter": "-"
            "label": "Date formatting US",
            "model": "date1",
            "placeholder": "MM-DD-YYYY",
            "styleClasses": "col-md-3",
            "type": "cleave"

Note the cleaveOptions section change