Custom Domain Pointer

I am trying to setup a subdomain for my client’s website to point to their betterforms site. I followed the instructions and the dashboard says it updated, but the subdomain still does not work. I image the problem is that I have the alias in incorrect. However, it is not explained what I should use for the alias. I tried the same subdomain value from their normal BetterForms site (v2). Is there something else I should use?

Does anyone from BetterForms read this? I thought this was for support questions. I managed to get it working somewhat by pointing to instead of but I am getting an SSL error. I imagine that is more of a web hosting issue, but I would still like to know if this is the correct way to go about this.

Ingress custom domains should only point to

Your domain registrar needs to have the name record added for this as per docs.

The example is typical for registrars.

What setting is it that you are missing?