dateTimePicker docs

Where can I find the documentation for the dateTimePicker snippets used in the Snippet library and BF Examples? I’d like to see what is available for the dateTimePickerOptions.

Also, for the Example components, the date that appears in the model appears to be in miliseconds, rather than mm/dd/yyyy that is used in the component in the Snippet Library. I’d prefer the latter. Hopefully, the documentation requested above will show me how, but does anyone know the option to edit for this?

I posted something in another one of the questions on this. I don’t know if there was any documentation ( at least I couldn’t find anything on it ). From what I found, the snippet will return just the data as entered. If you use the examples page with those date options/pickers, they return the millisecond format based on UTC. Based on where I am, it worked out to about 6 hour time difference, this made a difference if they submit the date in closer to end of day, it moved it one day. To use this properly, you would have to get the time zone and subtract or add based on UTC.

Thanks, Dave. I thought I searched for other relevant threads before making my post, but missed that one. Sorry, all, for starting another thread. (Dave’s thread is entitled “Date Format From JSON” for future searchers who stumble on this thread.)

I found Charles’s post in that thread indicating that I could use a “format” key on the snippet object (which is different from the “format” key that is within the object associated with the “dateTimePickerOptions” key). The former “format” key does allow me to change the format of the data that goes into the model, but removes the behavior I was looking for in using the Example snippet over the Snippet Library dateTimePicker.

The desired behavior is clearing the model when the user clears the input field. If I don’t include the “format” key and leave it at the default milliseconds format, clearing the input field results in a value of “false” in the model. If I use the format key and include the value “MM/DD/YYYY” for that key, clearing the input field keeps the originally entered value in the model, even though it appears to be blank in the input field.

This is important in our app because we need to validate this field before moving on in the form. If the user clears the input field, but the model still has the value that was originally entered, the user will be allowed to continue to the next page when clicking the next button. Ideally, validation would have caught this as an empty value and prompted the user to re-enter the date. We are using the date field for date of birth and many follow-up questions in the form are determined by this value. It should be rare that a user would clear out the input and not update it before trying to go on, but it seems to have happened a handful of times that we know of in the week plus that the app has been live.

So, does anyone have an idea how I can get the desired format AND have the model cleared when the input field is cleared. Again, access to documentation for the dateTimePicker snippets would be great. I believe they were taken from or based on an existing library. Just a pointer to that library may be all that I need. I was able to see the documentation from the original library for a table snippet earlier and it was extremely useful.