Document Storage Discussion

Uploading documents is not something new in FileMaker. I want to get some opinions from others on possible other options. In the past most of my clients have there own servers, so we stored a lot of documents via container etc. With BF being a cloud first, FileMaker backend and seeing the file assists option ( thanks @Eric on use ). I started to look at some of these options.

Q 1- how much storage is included with the File Assets tool?
Q 2- Can we use this option as a document container for client projects? I am going to assume no. If no, can we setup an account under same server and get access to the function.
Q 3- Is there other options others have used to handle this for clients? dropbox, AWS, ftp to site? The option looks pricey.

Any and all feedback welcome.

The File Assets is really for things like Logos etc. that you develop with, its not meant for user document storage. IT can’t be used for client storage.

There are a number of options the range from temporary doc storage apps liek to direct upload to things like AWS S3. Each users needs are different.

Yes, each user case will be different. I am interested in what other have used, whether service is good, speed and rough costs. Extra costs for extra features etc.

All service offer super fast parallel uploads as well as cached delivery.

For serving another option:
With the new execute Data API instruction in 19, you can get a direct link to a container for serving too.

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