Draggable namedAction

I am trying to pass a record id to a namedAction to be used in a function. Using vue.draggable.


@end=" namedAction('dragEnd',{id:model.IDAUTO})" class="bg-blue-100 p-4 flex flex-wrap" 
ghost-class="bg-blue-400" :animation="200">


var data = action.options.id
model.dragged = data

This looks close but a few things:
Referring to the docs here
@MichaelZeliznak can confirm but,

note the v-for (missing from your code ) that iterates the elements

<draggable v-model="myArray" group="people" @start="drag=true" @end="drag=false">
   <div v-for="element in myArray" :key="element.id">{{element.name}}</div>

I believe the v=VueGraggable passing an object into the call so you will have to forward that object into your actions.

so it will be something like
@end=(args)=>namedAction('dragEnd', args))

this basically gives VD a function to run when it needs to and the args that are passed in should show up under option.args. See the docs for what they are. Some of those witll be your element too.