Dropdown chosen value refresh delay

Hi, please see the video embedded at the bottom. Wondering if anyone has any experience like this and is this temporary? expected behaviour? or can be mitigated?

So I have a simple field with a dropdown where user can choose type of payment. The value list is originated from the business file where user can configure there.

The syntax I use is below. So it is a dynamic dropdown.

“values_calc”: “model.VL_payment_methods”,

Notice when user chooses a payment value, the layout takes a while to reflect what user has chosen. I needed to click on DEV data viewer to trigger the refresh. Scratching my head what is causing this. The dropdown couple lines above in the video is coded in static and always work rapidly and fine. That is the only difference I can suspect. However this delay in refresh doesn’t happen all the time. Only intermittent. Hence I am wondering if this is temporary or permanent or anything I can do to resolve it. Client is asking.

Thanks as always. Looking forward to any input or suggestion.


This looks like something else may be happening on the page.

Have you inspected the console for errors?