Enable Dev Tools in an ENV that has them disabled

Sometimes you want to show the dev tools in an app that has them off. this command entered into the console with hide or show them! ( The data the Dev Tools exposes is easily seen by any front-end skilled developer so this does not expose any security risks.

vueapp.$store.state.site.content.devMode = 1

And vueapp.$store.state.site.content.devMode = 0 to hide again.

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Handy, Thank you.
“actions”: [{
“action”: “function”,
“function”: “vueapp.$store.state.site.content.devMode = !vueapp.$store.state.site.content.devMode”,
“options”: {}
“icon”: “fa fa-pencil”,
“label”: “Dev Mode”,
“visible_calc”: “app.user.idbetterforms == ‘AF6521DC-9768-Dxxxxx9-681xxxxx4AE74’”