Error loading page

Users are reporting errors when they try to access their login page. I’m getting an error pop up that says there’s an issue with the utilityHook.

That looks like you were trying to set the modelUpdateMode incorrectly. Are you changing the $$BF_State variable in your hook?

Not setting $$BF_State.

This is a non-authenticated login page.

Can you check your Outbox for some more clues then? I don’t have enough details to understand what might be going on.

Nothing in the inbox or outbox. The login page loads and the error is displayed - " Error: connect ECONNREFUSED xx.xx.xx.xx:443" (IP redacted).

I think we determined the issue is with connectivity to the server since the servers test page also does not work.

We’re rebooting the server now to see if that might be the issue.