Force app to be full screen on mobile device

Does anyone have experience of getting an app to be full screen on a mobile device so that all the browser elements remain hidden.


From my experience, there’s not an easy way to achieve this using simple methods.

If the user adds the app as a PWA, then you can achieve a full screen effect. This can be done by clicking the “Add to Home Screen” option on Safari for iOS devices. We are in the midst of rolling out PWA support so that you can prompt the user to install the app.

A JS/CSS solution can be found in this article which uses the window.innerHeight property as well as some calculations to account for resizing. I currently use this method when creating apps with mobile support in mind.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at the article. I’m really interested in having PWA support in BF as it will expand the potential opportunities for BR significantly

Is there any progress on this? We have a need for this in the near future