Google Address errors and places not working

Jonathan Sherry:
We’re getting strange behavior on a specific form input that’s been in production for a year. We noticed this first on the phone, that after entering 1 character into the Address field, a display glitch appears. Pressing backspace delete clears the display anomaly, leaving just the single character that was originally entered. The field is no longer enterable, but the form can be submitted. Testing this on desktop browser, the field went directly into the state shown in the second image after entering one character. The input is set up like this:
“inputType”: “text”,
“label”: “Type an address”,
“model”: “address”,
“onPlaceChanged”: “this key needed”,
“onPlaceChangedxx”: “this key needed”,
“placeholder”: “start typing …”,
“required”: true,
“styleClasses”: “col-md-10”,
“type”: “googleAddress”