Google Analytics

Hi all! Does anyone know if you can integrate Google Tag Manager and add Google Analytics to your site in BF? I know I can insert tags in the DOM header, I believe, but not sure how it would work adding the tag to the body. I searched the forum, but was unable to solve it. Any insight? Thank you!

Does it need to go into the body, can you post a docs link?

Well, I realized that the 2nd piece of code that is put in the body really is just a backup for those without JS, so I think just putting it in the header would be ok. The only issue I have now is I tried to put it in the DOM header (hope that was right) but I get an error because of the = in my link I believe.

Sometimes the editor can show red errors when the snippet is ok, can you paste a screen?

When hovered it says “unexpected character in unquoted attribute”

I think you can safely ignore that. I have seen that a number of times with google related tags.

Thank you, I appreciate it!