Help with a script that timesout. onHookUtility

I have a form that continuously errors with a timeout (20000ms) and I can’t seem to get it fixed.

The bottleneck, I’m pretty sure, is this section:

This is running through a SELECTOR table

Go To Layout (SELECTOR)

{do some other stuff here}

If [IsValid ( SEL_CaseForm::id_caseForms )]
Set Variable [$responseList ; Value: JSONListValues ($$BF_Model ; "form.textResponse")]
Set Variable [$x ; Value: ValueCount ($responseList)]
Set Variable [$i ; Value: 0]

Set Variable [$i ; Value: $i +1]
Exit Loop If [$i > $x]
Set Field [SEL_CaseForm::textResponseEnglish[$i] ; GetValue ($responseList ; $i)]
End Loop

There are obviously some other steps after this but it’s this above portion that I’m pretty sure is the problem.

There are only about 123 repetitions, so, in my estimation, this should run super quick.

Any suggestions?