Help with FM List to JSON Array and back again

I’m using my FM data to store my checklist values.

When those values (model.form.textResponse) get stored in FM, if they are from my checklist, they are stored as JSON ["Value1", "Value2", etc]

I then run a script to transfer that to an FM List:

I have a field in FM (an “asJSON” field) that is a Calculation. The calculation takes all my repetitions in my field and sets them to a proper JSON Array.

The issue is, when I re-open my form, the JSON ARRAY looks like this:

The repetitions that are multiple values (¶ delimited list) don’t get parsed out correctly.

Is there a way to set the repetitions that are in a ¶ delimited list into a proper JSON format with the values of the list inside the “[ ]”?

This is a super hard question to word.

Basically, I have a field that has repetitions. Some of those repetitions hold a “return” delimited list. I need all my values for every rep in a JSON ARRAY.