Home page conditional redirect to t&c page

this is probably goin to be a simple request so here goes.

i have my home page but need to redirect to a terms and conditions page only when the ::terms field doesnt say i agree.

i also want to be able to hide the nav ffrom the terms page so they can only really get there if they havent agreed to the t&c…

You can do this a few ways, firstly how are you storing the terms and conditions value?

it could be a cookie if you don’t have auth enabled for example.

Then in your on-form load you can check if the cookie is set and if not, show a full-screen modal.

You can also just conditionally hide the pages contents,

storing the “i agree” in forms::terms on the fm side

if you are storing it in FileMaker then you will need to have an onFormRequest and simply show a modal or redirect based on that value you find in the onFormRequest script.

You will have to think about how your UX will be first.

Yep i had worked out the on form request but how do i redirect the web page in a filemaker script?

ok so ive got to use the “Path” action…

working out how to use the path action is my next bit