How can I control permissions in both FM and BF?

LOGGIX - Jeroen:
Hi @ashley colburn, based on your user you can set permissions in your app model i.e. like this:
“permission”: {
“actions”: true,
“administration”: true,
“companies”: true,
“documents”: true,
“employees”: true,
“findings”: true,
“incidents”: true,
“inspections”: true,
“projects”: true,
“registrations”: true,
“equipment”: true,
“rie”: true
Then in your menu schema set a visible_calc that i.e. uses app.permission.actions to show or not show the navigation button or link.

You can small use HAM A module we designed to handle complicated authorizations. We just started using for feature flags too

Neil Manchester:
I’ve used @Delfs ‘s HAM module for this. Once you’ve got it setup it’s really easy to set permissions by user level or even down to the specific user

LOGGIX - Jeroen:
Sounds good! Where can we find the HAM?

Neil Manchester:

LOGGIX - Jeroen:
Thanks Neil

@Neil Manchester We just started using it for detailed feature flags.
• Create a alphaFeaturePlan and betaFeaturePlan name
• when you have a new in dev feature eg: canUseMultipleDomains, add it to alpha
• Add you dev account with the alphaFeaturePlan plan
• as feature grows move it to beta then to the final plan
• Just leave the check for the priv in the app forever
• If you ever release an update to the feature and need to shut off in prod due to but you can downgrade it
Will talk about next Friday Live but its pretty good.