How can I get an <href...> to work?

Dan Greenwood:
How can I get an to resolve to an app and model variable? I have an app.OrgSearchTerm which has a value of “” and then I have a model variable that contains a title like “Commercial and Industrial Designer” I want to put them together in a URL but when I use the variables in an A HREF they do not resolve.

Here is the code that I use

<a href="{{ app.OrgSearchTerm }}{{ career.title }}"> {{ app.OrgSearchTerm }}{{ career.title }} </a>

The text of the clickable link resolves correctly and displays “ and Industrial Designer” but the web browser tries to go to “{{%20app.OrgSearchTerm%20}}{{%20career.title%20}}

Dan Greenwood:
I got it. Here is the solution

<a :href="app.OrgSearchTerm + career.title"> Search your school's website for this career               </a>

When inside tags, don’t use curly braces instead use the binding method something like this
Note the colon