How do I run PHP in BF?

In BF, I would like to run PHP when user click a button or namedAction. How do I achieve that ? Thank you

The would be quite tricky to achieve… You’d need to set up the PHP you want to run on a server somewhere (could be on your FMS), provide it with a URL endpoint (if it’s on your FMS it would be something like, then from your named action use Ajax to call that server - note you’ll also have to take care of CORS issues when doing this.

But why? what do you want to do with PHP that you can’t do with JavaScript? You could either convert whatever you have in PHP to JS in a named action (if it’s not too long), use a JS library that achieves the same thing, or write your own JS library which you host somewhere (Github for example) and then include in BF.

What problem are you trying to solve?

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