How to debug a System Error?

I’m sending the form to my family to get feedback and beta test. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had someone fill in the Patient Intake (formKey2). He submitted and said there was a small grey error box that came up (he couldn’t catch the error in a screenshot). It sounds like a BF to FM error?

He had to press SUBMIT again.

The answers for formKey2 got put in the correct caseForms record (formKey2). But, it also put formKey2 answers into formKey3. FM then took him to formKey4 … skipping formKey3.

So … I think there was some sort of error. He “completed” formKey2 even though it didn’t take him to formKey3.
Then when he pressed SUBMIT again on formKey2, FM/BF thought he was on formKey3 so formKey2 answers got also put into formKey3.

After his second SUBMIT, he was then taken to formKey4 … essentially skipping formKey3 because in FM, formKey3 was marked as “Complete”.

At any rate … I know you’re busy all week … I’m just reporting back on some bug testing.

The error window that popped up wasn’t any modal window I/you created. It sounds like it came from BF … which makes it hard to debug.

How would I find out what happened?

I looked in the Better Forms Helper file but I’m not great a diagnosing. If there were a System Error Window that pops up…would i be able to see that in the BF Helper?

A few things could be happening here.
The helper file is your first stop for debugging as that give you insight to what transactions happened,

It sounds like you may not be committing record edits?
Check that every set field block of code also has a commit step too.

You can trace through your code in FileMaker via the Run Hook button in the inbox.


@delfs I think the script is taking too long to finish. I think I was able to reproduce it as some friends are filling out my form for testing and they’re getting the timeout error (20000ms error).

I’ll have to find a way to optimize my script.