How to Do This in a Data Table

Hey hey! Got this to work on a “detail” page.

            "actions": [{
                "action": "path",
                "function": "action.options.url = model.reportDetail.Imgs_File_URL",
                "options": {
                    "url": "To be replaced"
            "buttonClasses": "btn btn-info btn-trans",
            "icon": "fa fa-download",
            "styleClasses": "pull-left col-md-2",
            "text": "Download Images",
            "type": "button"

However…I want to do this by clicking a row in the data table that lists reports data (in model.reports). The fields returned in the asJSON are the same in the detail page and the data table.

The Imgs_File_URL is a web address that ultimately will download/open a PDF file from a FileMaker container field. (The issue is not with the download of the PDF file here.)

Thanks for your help!