How to set default value for text input

I want to set default text in a text input field, but I can’t get it working. I have tried “value”:“my-default-text” but that does not work - the input field is empty. I guess there must be a way to do this?
Here is my code, that does not work:

            "inputType": "text",
            "label": "Fixed data",
            "value": "my-default-text",
            "model": "application.textTest",
            "styleClasses": "col-md-3",
            "type": "input"

Setting defaults values is basically setting data in the model.
If the default value is to come from FM, then you can set it into the $$BF_Model otherwise you can set it into the default data from the page editor.

so the model will look something like :slight_smile:

  "application" : {
       "textTest" : "This is a default value"

Ah yes! Makes sense now.
Thank you, again. :grinning: