Identifying NULL vs 0

I have a defined key:
“Price”: “”

I need to distinguish between the key having the value 0 and being empty.

I tried various variations but can’t get it to work correctly.
It evaluate:
“visible_calc”: " this.model.Price == 0 "

as true.
I tied using jp.value and Price.length==0 but without success.



Few things to point out:
null , "" and 0 are all different,

I think you are close, but you don’t need this in there usually

model.Price==0 `// true if the value or Price is 0

removing the ‘this’ breaks the page (ie “visible_calc”: " model.Price == 0 " )

usually being the key word, but how and why are you using the this?

I know this is legacy stuff, but removing seems to break things.
Using here:
“html”: “$0.00 + $0.00 (tax) = $0.00”,
“label”: “”,
“model”: “tab1”,
“styleClasses”: “col-md-4 text-right”,
“type”: “html”,
“visible_calc”: " this.model.Price == 0 "