Insert video in Quill Rich Text Editor?

I tried to insert video but it does not work, I read the documentation, apparently it can be done by using some handler and API, This is way beyond me. Anyone has any idea how to accomplish this ? I have a big business deal pending on this one feature. Thank you

You are correct in that the editor is just an interface for rich text.

You will need a handler but this may be doable, but there are many things to consider"

Dropping a video into a document is not as simple as just saving the document, you also have to handle the video file.

You can use the video icon and point to an online video like Youtube easily.

Can you tell me a bit more about your use case? There may be a simple solution.


This customer is our National Heart Centre. They have lots of mp4 files store in their server. These are all heart-related video. There is an insert image icon at the toolbar. But this can only insert image file. He would like to insert video file. We cannot use the video icon because all these video are not web accessible. TQ

It sounds like really you need image uploads vs document editing.
Does the video really need to be in the document editor?

If not, I suggest building a video upload handler.
@moderators Eric, built something like this for video uploading into AWS.

Video files can be really big and you can’t really handle them in FM directly.

I agreed. FM cannot handle such a huge file.