Intermittent timeout errors

Our users are getting intermittent “Authentication Timeout” errors. It’s happening a lot today. Over the past 4 weeks it’s happened infrequently, but still happens.

I get the same error intermittently when trying to log into today so that makes me assume it’s not just related to us.

Can you pls tell me how to troubleshoot this?

This issue happened in some edge case users and has since been resolved.

Same issue happening to our users since last week.
Sometimes clicking ‘log in’ again works sometimes not.
Tried 2 servers, restarted, various browsers.
I seem to almost always be able to replicate when trying an incognito session the first time on a browser.
Once logged in I can usually log out and in without an issue.

Follow up: This was resolve with some network adjustments around the time of the OP date.