Login Register doesn't show in Helper

I’ve followed the setup video’s for custom login pages and read the help section about login and registering but i’m running into the following problem.
All ‘auth’ pages are created but when I go to to the register page and submit I get the message:
Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 15.37.30

In the Helper file I don’t see the call in the inbox and my User table is empty.
Good to know BF is connected the right way because I have an other BF list layout that get records and those calls I see in the Helper file.

Thanks for effort!

@Jacobi Is this using the DataAPI or the XML gateway?

@delfs I’m using the DataAPI. Also the calls from the login page don’t appear in the inbox. Thanks!

Can you try changing the base code version to bf-staging as this has a patch for that.
It can be set in the site edit page under domains.

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That is the solution. Thanks.