Managing styling for a vertical market solution

We are building a vertical, however each customer requires its own CSS and branding (White Labelling I guess). We also have at least one client who wants the app to match a house style which requires a fork in the BF code. Each implementation (customer) also has their own separate FileMaker database and helper file.

  • How can we manage the customers with only CSS and image changes from a single BF set of pages?
  • Should we create separate Apps for the customers with small page design changes as well as the CSS?
  • What does anyone vrecomend as the best approach within the current limits of BF?

I remember way back that Charles mentioned how one developer was injecting stuff into BF to control pages from FileMaker. Could we do anything like that in this case with the CSS? If so what is the best way to control the Theme using data from FileMaker.


I would also appreciate any tips on how to override BF page definitions from FileMaker in the onFormrequest hook.

I’d like to see the answer to this, too.