Migrating stuff

I’ve got an existing contact form live and working. Now adding another series of forms which require login. Moved all my scripts over, but when I log in, instead of going to the page after the login its flipping to the contact form. I know I need to change something either in the Helper or the Common Dispatch script but I’m not 100% sure what to change. Any help appreciated.

There could be a few ways around this, so without knowing much more about your app, here’s where I would start:

  1. Check your default page in your site’s nav slugs.
  2. You may need to edit the onLogin script and place a path action there to force a user to navigate to another page on login.

With option 2, just know that including a path action in this script will override any automatic redirection. If the user attempts to access a page that requires authentication before logging in, they will be redirected to your login page. After login, if you have not overwritten the onLogin hook, they will be redirected back to the page they were trying to access.

I think that did it. Thanks.