Modal Dialog Slots

I want to put html into a modal. The showModal action has a ‘slots’ key, so I tried like this:

"showTheMessage": [{
        "action": "showModal",
        "options": {
            "body": "",
            "icon": "info",
            "overlayTheme": "light",
            "slots": [{
                "html": "Need help?<br/> For technical support, contact <a href=\"\"></a><br/>For other inquiries, contact <a href=\"mailto:{{}}\">{{}}</a>",
                "slot": "body"
            "text": ""

…but either the slot name is wrong or something else is… it does not output on the modal.

Answer: The body accepts html/vue.

The slot API is not the same as the table2 element.

This is the library that BF users for regular modals: