Named action validation ignored

I have a named action in a wizard form called ‘complete’ - this is to replace the built-in ‘Finish’ button.
Works well except for the validation - I have “action”:“validate” before I continue to the onUtility hook but regardless of the outcome of the validation (and I can see it’s invalid) it continues to the hook.
Any ideas how to stop it on validation error?


“namedActions”: {
“Complete”: [{
“action”: “validate”
}, {
“action”: “showAlert”,
“options”: {
“text”: “Completing your application!”,
“title”: “Complete”,
“type”: “information”
}, {
“action”: “runUtilityHook”,
“options”: {
“type”: “Complete”

Doe sit happen on the SECOND press of the button?

It sounds like there is a bad JSON element in there some where.

Check the console for errors:
After a fresh refresh, press the button and look for something that is errored.