Navigation item not highlighting when using path_calc in menu schema

I’ve found that when I use a path_calc to specify a query parameter, the navigation item is not highlighted after navigation is performed. Neither the “active” nor “router-link-exact-active” classes get applied.

How canI get the highlighting to work? Specifying the “exact” parameter doesn’t seem to make a difference–is that what it’s for?

This is how I have the navigation item setup in Menu Schema:

        "actions": [{
            "action": "path",
            "options": {
                "path_calc": "'/contacts?client=someID'"
        "exact": false,
        "icon": "fa fa-regular fa-address-book",
        "label": "Contacts",
        "path": "/contacts",
        "styleClasses": "mb-2"

Can you post the target URL you are going to?


Thanks, this looks like a config in the template (error) Contact Linxue on Slack to help fix it,