onAppLoad Utility Hook

I’m running a utility hook from onAppLoad to set a few options into the app model, but I’ve noticed that this utility hook runs after the onFormLoad for the current page. So far this isn’t a problem but I can see there being bugs down the line where the app initialisation hook needs to run first. Is there a way to fix this? Also, is there a place for utility hooks which are site wide or do they just need to be given a hookSetName so they always call the correct script?

Currently you can create a global hook and call it cia the hookSerName key.

On app load runs after the application loads because to evaluate the JS in actions the form itself must be loaded.

We possibly could add an onBeforeAppLoads that would rum but the JS would be limited.

One note:
Occasionally you do need to run some JavaScript prior to anything else, if this is your case, you can simply add it to the DOM insertions area in a script tag.

This will run very early in the lifecycle.

Ah, I’ve been using it to load navigation and language options from the server into the app model as this only needs to be done once