OnFormLoad intermittantly not running

Looking for help/suggestions in troubleshooting an onFormLoad which is intermittently not working. The onFormLoad is designed to run a named action to open a slot modal.

This works in the vast majority of circumstances - over 99% of the users from what I have gathered, but occurs nearly daily and an unpredictable time and with no clear pattern between which users it affects.

I have captured some of these in full story, but not all.

It has happened several dozen times, so there is clearly an underlying issue, but I am unable to find any clear pattern or cause so far.

The form time is a formWizard and the site is running on 0.9.23


if (BF.getQueryParam('param') === "NJ") {
EventBus.$emit('processNamedAction', {
    "action": "namedAction",
    "name": "showNJModal"
} else if (BF.getQueryParam('param') === "loadData") {
EventBus.$emit('processNamedAction', {
    "action": "namedAction",
    "name": "loadData"
} else {
EventBus.$emit('processNamedAction', {
    "action": "namedAction",
    "name": "showRegTypeModal"

Is this occurring during a specific branch of your code ( query part value ) ?
You should be able to tell by the FS URL

And the obvious, you do have named actions for all three of these branches?

Yes, the only captured events in FS show it happens without a url param - so the else statement running showRegTypeModal

The only commonalities I can find between these events:

  • User is on Windows Desktop in Chrome 84
  • Page load times are abnormally long. 580 ms and 696 ms. Typical is 50ms or less

I have only captured 2 in FS so far of about 25 occurrences. Several thousand users have successfully used the site, so this issue is rare but somewhat regular.

In a FS session immediately prior to one of the observed issues, I noticed the user got the alerts:

  • Data Load Error: You haven’t configured your content
  • onUtilityHookError: There was an issue with onUtilityHook: Cannot convert undefined or null to object.

This error appeared when the user clicked on a radio field with onChangedActions - however these actions are all JS and a showModal, nothing that would call a utility hook. I do not know if this is related to the above issue or not.

I have occasionally seen these same errors in the BF editor, but they always resolve after a refresh. Not sure if something ‘under the hood’ might be wrong with our account? The long load times and correlation with the error message above might indicate a problem?