OnUtility Hook not sending data in FileMaker

Hi there! I’m new to BF and I’m trying to modify/add record from my BF page. However, when I press the save button, it seems to run the UtilityHook but not add the record to FM. When I look in the helper, it shows me that the Global After returns test : 0 when the only code in the script is to exit returning 1. Is there anything I need to change in my code or elsewhere to make it work?

You can put a break point at the top of this script and then open the Script Debugger in the Helper File. Then click on the “Run Hook” button in the Helper File to step through this script and see where your issue is.


I just checked out with the break points and the debugger and it’s weird. Whenever I run the hook from the helper, everything works. The script goes through as intended. But when I press on the save button on my page, I can see I triggered the onUtility in the helper but no data added in the FM app.

Do you have any idea why this is happening? Is my button okay?
Thank you so much for your time!