Output JSON as html table

Looking for an easy way to output a JSON object on screen in a more readable format than JSON.

The JSON object could have up to 2 levels and it could have arrays, but for now I’m not too fussy about how it renders that - just looking for something that is reasonably readable to get started…


JSON is regarded as among the most human-readable of all data formats. What other format did you have in mind?

If you are looking at an array of JSON objects that all have the same structure, you can use the Data Table element to display the data in a table view.

If you just need to format the JSON object with proper tabs/spacing for easier legibility while developing, go into your site settings, turn on Dev Mode (top-right corner, in a toggle) and then you’ll see a “Dev Tools” button in the lower-right of your screen when previewing your pages. This gives you access to the Data Model in a JSON code editor that supports folding so you can collapse sections of the JSON object to find what you’re looking for.

I hope these suggestions help!

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