Passing Fields back to FM

Hi all,

Complete noob here. I have a utility hook that’s doing a simple record creation and I’m having trouble getting the field data from BF back to FM. I can pass literals, but I’m not sure what the syntax for grabbing fields is. here’s what I tried for reference in case that helps

Page Builder:
“buttonClasses”: “btn btn-info”,
“styleClasses”: “col-md-3”,
“text”: “create a FM record”,
“icon”: “fa fa-apple”,
“type”: “button”,
{“action”: “runUtilityHook”,
“options”: {
“choice”: “create”,
“first”: nameFirst,
“last”: nameLast,
“email”: email

Data Model:{
“cryptoType”: “btc”,
“nameFirst”: “crack”,
“nameLast”: “smoker”,
“transactionType”: “short”

You don’t have to pass in each key back through your hook. Just use the $$BF_Model variable to parse out the data in the FM script.

However, this bit of your code isn’t valid JSON (missing quotes around the values), so be sure to remove that before trying again otherwise nothing will work :slight_smile:

“first”: nameFirst,
“last”: nameLast,
“email”: email