Ports, 2 servers, firewall

Hi, I just need to verify the ports that I need to have open for the BF connection. So far, all the setups I have have been on my servers. I need to do a few at customer servers and need to know the ports that I have to open in the firewall. One other complication, I have 2 servers running on the inside, one server is using 5003 for FileMaker for remote workers. I want the second server setup for BF. Port 80?

I have port 80 open and not getting a response back. Do I need 443 for ssl open? If I do DAPI, is it port 1631?

You should have a cert and would need port 443 open, DAPI requires the same 443 as well.

Note at the time of this post the DAPI features is only available on the bf-staging build but will work it’s want into bf-latest very shortly.