Problem resetting password [Error: More than 1 user selected.]

I am unable to reset my password. It says " More than 1 user selected.", and does not allow me to proceed. What can I do to address this problem?



Could you share your email? I can take a look in the system to see what’s going on. is my email id, trying to access it from

Ah, so this is your own app? This error indicates that there may be two user records in your Helper file with the same email. Could you confirm?

Yes, there are 2 registrations (for two persons) attached to this email id.

Actually I’m a customer for this website. There was no support/help on that website, so I created a login here and asked a question here. I do not know how to approach the specific owner for

Is there a way I can figure out how to contact/email them, if this is not the appropriate forum? Thanks.

Actually, my error. There was only 1 registration associated with this email id, not 2.

Thank you for that clarification. While I am unable to assist you with this issue as it is not directly related to the BetterForms editor, I have notified the site owners and have given them your contact information so that they would be able to get in touch.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help in this matter!

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