Quill Rich Text Editor

Is there any documentation for the editorOptions key when using the rich text editor. I’ve found the quill documentation but I’m struggling to make any changes in the editor that affect what’s on the site?

Generally the options key is passed through. If you ping Eduardo on Slack, we can verify that this is the case. Also we can check the source library too.

It’s possible to customize the toolbar with the following code:

    "options": {
        "modules": {
            "toolbar": [
                [{ "font": [] }],
                [{ "size": [] }],
                ["bold", "italic", "underline", "strike"],
                [{ "color": [] }, { "background": [] }],
                [{ "list": "ordered"}, { "list": "bullet" }]
    "hint": "class: .ql-editor sets height",
    "label": "Quill Richtext Editor",
    "model": "htmlSource",
    "styleClasses": "col-md-12",
    "type": "quilleditor"

More options can be found on Quill’s documentation here.

The code used above results in a toolbar like the picture below: